Wild America

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One night out in l.a.
I met a mexicana
With a butchy girlfriend
Who i thought was a man
They took me to the alley
To have a little chat
People lined the corner
Doin' this and that
In wild america

Now i 'm in a black car
With my mexicana
She's got methedrine but
I want marijuana
I don 't want to drive home
Not in my condition
So i ask my friend matt
To handle the ignition
In wild america
Exterminate the brutes

(live interview:
Rollins: yeah
Iggy: yeah
Rollins: yeah
Iggy: yeah
Iggy: well i mean i like it you have anything you' d like to say to america?
Rollins: i'd iust like to say at this point that i' m 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 day a year american)

I was glad that debbie
Had a sense of humor
This time of the morning
I tend to get gloomy
She laughed and said "iggy,
You have got a biggy!"
I had no reply
So i just closed my eyes
In wild america
Exterminate the brutes
They're goin' wild
Goin' wild
They' re goin' wild
They' re goin' wild baby
They got all kinds of ****in' stuff
They got everything you could imagine
They' re so god dammed spoiled
They' re poisoned inside
They iudge a man by what he's got
And they wanta have more and more
More power, more freedom
Taller kids, longer lives
Everything, bigger houses, slaves, woa

Artist: IGGY POP

Album: American Caesar

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