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Uh, hmm, oh yeah
Oh yeah baby
I usually don't have no time
I'm kinda tight with my ends
Girl i could care less for one
That's why i don't have a girlfriend
But there's something about your girl
That just makes me feel so wild
I'm willing to give it all
And i want you to have my child, oh yeah

1 - it's dangerous to fall in love
Before you girl i'd given up
It's dangerous to fall in love
Before you girl i'd given up

I wanna relax with you
I wanna contact with you
They say that the fact is true
The fact is love with you
I wanna make ends with you
I wanna be friends with you
Whatever i choose to do
I wanna include you, girl

Don't talk just listen
Girl you know what i'm saying
Can't be actin like that
Know what i'm sayin'?
Mr. dalvin up here laying it down
Know what i'm sayin'?
You got to open up, say
To me you don't even look that good
You know what i'm sayin'?
But uh?
Repeat 1

(and baby i will)
And i will
(and honey i will)
Take your hand at night
(and sugar i will)
If that's alright
(and darlin' i will)
(and baby i will)
Come on baby
(and honey i will)
Oh yeah
(and sugar i will)
(and darlin' i will)
It's dangerous girl

Repeat 1 fade out

Artist: Dalvin Degrate

Album: Met.a.mor.phic

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