You Won´t See Me

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When i call you up
Your line´s engaged
I have had enough
So act your age
We have lost the time
That was so hard to find
And i will lose my mind
I you won´t see me
I don´t know why you
Should want to hide
But i can´t get through
My hands are tied
I won´t want to stay
I don´t have much to say
But i can´t turn away
And you won´t see me
Time after time
You refuse to even listen
I wouldn´t mind
If i knew what i was missing

Though the days are few
They´re filled with tears
And since i lost you
It feels like years
Yes, it seems so long
Girl, since you´ve been gone
And i just can´t go on
If you won´t see me
You won´t see me

Artist: Bryan Ferry

Album: These Foolish Things

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