Give me one reason

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Give me one reason to live without him
Give me one reason to walk away
I know you don't understand the reason
How can I show
That he is the reason i have to let you go

I've tried so hard to change your mind
I always thought you'd understand the reason why
Why i don't want to do the thing I used to do
Now that my heart and soul belong to God and God alone

Still every nights a fight to make it through
I cant deny I'm still in love with you
But how can you expect me to
Walk with him and give myself to you

Boy,I still long for your embrace
But what i've found in God it can never be replaced
Still i pray for the chance
As you slip through my hands you'll come around
But your hearts so far away from the words I'm tryin to say

Wish I could hod you both and still be true
Theres only one thing left for me to do
Baby, I Love You
But I can't stay with you unless you love him too

I'v found the path that i've gotta take no turning back to the old ways
i've gotta chance to take
Sacrifice to make
Whatever it takes I woan't turn away

Artist: ZoeGirl

Album: ZoeGirl

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