Grown Man

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(young chris)c and neef baby
we grown men ma
rock wit me i dont know what they told you
rock wit me i mma grown man me
he grown too ma, neef grown to baby

we get our own cake too baby,
i know were in our late teens

(young chris) she my down ass chick
only person like to come down my strip
get paralyzed writing down my ****
i luv u boo, u my bugaboo, all day
all night then i merk when the birds chirp

(neef buck) if you want it, baby you can get it

(young chris)still go on shows and after parties and
after the party we back at the party at our crib.2x

(young chris) ****s stingy we party where i live
****s offended like beg ya pardon thats my chick
excuse me this aint our first time here
dont approach me like that
get roasted like that, damn shorty
play with yo emotions like that
you a grown man she got you open like that
you put somethin around her finger
now she got you wrapped around her finger
its official, well thats you thats what you get for trickin
keep givin her dough she takin it to chris
and i play my position, yep give her the dick and
con her to come, soon as im done tell im slippin
im like.

(young chris) woooo!

(neef buck) woooo!


(neef buck) if you want it you can get it
you can come but you cant live here
if i hit it i want chris to hit it too
i know you wit it, bitches mad cause i partied
and danced up wit ya girlfriend, smoked a bit
got me drunk off cris
and i wasnt even feelin that bitch
she actin all pissy, same time sadity
a little bit silly i cant even get a quickie
neva that got area code for every city
couple young freaks, couple old heads done did me
thinkin they gon mold me, knowin they cant control me
youngin been ****in old heads, aint **** you show me
gotta walk like george and i talk like goldie
nope you cant hold me from hittin ya homies
i do enough rappin at work listen to oldies

chorus 2x

Artist: Young Gunz

Album: Tough Luv

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