Get Off

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Put away the monopoly, we've played enough games today.
I let you suffer through enough already.
Let's take a trip downtown to the old johns sassafrass grill.
It seems to work wonders on dilemmas,
The kind you can't cure with a pill.


Let's get off this train,
I left my life in the rain.
And i can't go any further.
If my thoughts seem too unkind,
Call the dogs and put it on my dime.
I never beg for free.

What's that song on the radio?
The one that says¡­ ¡°love will keep us together¡±
Do you still have the same ol' picture in your wallet
Of the time we met (danced)
And baby you were my queen,
And i was your king¡­ i made you scream.


Artist: Marvelous 3

Album: Creamy Sized

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